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End Of Tenancy Cleaning 

Moving homes can be a pain in the neck. Maybe you’re a landlord and looking to tidy up your property for new tenants. We can help you polish up and make your place look clean and inviting.

Or you are tenant  and if you desire to get your deposit back then you have your work cut out- the demand of cleaning the property can be daunting.
But before you despair, know that you can please your landlord with J&D House Services’ superb end of tenancy cleaning. Sure, you want the property to look its best and claim your deposit without fuss; so do we.
We are Warrington’s premier and most trusted full-service cleaning company that provides reliable end of tenancy service that will guarantee that your landlord will be satisfied with the condition of the property at the end of your rent. Book tenancy cleaning and get 50%OFF on carpets cleaning.

  • Fully Guaranteed for 24 hours
  • Flexible Payment option
  • Fully Insured
  • Oven Cleaning Including
  • All materials and equipment included
  • Affordable Rates
  • Available on a short notice
  • Landlords and Estate Agents approved checklist
  • Carpets & Upholstery cleaning at discounted price 50%OFF
  • Fixed price service, regardless how long it will take
  • Invoice is provided


We’ll provide services, that include as is on the following explainer video.

How does our End Of Tenancy cleaning program work?

We start with a thorough detail-clean throughout your house. Our team  thoroughly clean your house, with special attention on your kitchen,  bathrooms, entire house,  sleeping and living areas.

No part of the property is overlooked- we will not only clean the obvious areas, but even the hard to reach areas/ seldom remembered parts like the skirting board and areas behind the radiators will receive a facelift.

That’s not all, while other cleaners will avoid or charge you extra fees for services like , oven cleaning, we will get on with these free of charge.
We guard our reputation for delivering great results jealously that’s why for each project we set out with the determination to outdo our very own high standards. Simply put, when it comes to restoring any property to the best condition we are your safest bet, because:

  • If you’re not satisfied with the job done, we will be glad to provide a re-clean at no extra cost.
  • We provide stunning and cost-effective end of tenancy cleaning services. No hidden charges, no delays, just highly responsible professionals and exceeding the expectations of each client.
  • A Quality Manager is always on hand to ensure the cleaning is done just like you want it.
  • When it comes to health and safety, we use only detergents, chemicals, and techniques that won’t hurt people or the environment

Frequently Ask Questions

Is your end of tenancy cleaning service fully guaranteed?

Our service is fully guaranted! If there are any concerns from the landlord or estate agent, photos are taken to provide proof of the clean.If there is anything left not cleaned througt human error, we will be more than happy to come back and rectify this free of charge! Invetory checkout must be caried out within 24 hours of the completion of the clean, and any shortfalls reported within 1 days /24 hours  of the clean! Our comprehensive end of tenacy cleaning program satisfies 100% of our customers/agents/landords.

Is Oven cleaning included in your end of tenancy cleaning?

Yes, general oven cleaning (spray & wipe) is included in our end of tenancy cleaning service, as well as cleaning of all other appliances; washing machine,dishwasher, microwave,toaster, fridge..

Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer in advance?

Please make sure freezer is defrosted one day in advance, as if it not, it will cost an extra £30 to defrost quicly.

Do you clean windows externally?

We can clean externally at an extra fee, if there is safe access to them, this is not included in standard end of tenancy cleaning service..

Do you provide cleaning materials and equipment?

Yes, we provide all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the clean.

Is the carpets and upholstery cleaning part of the end of tenancy service?

Vacuuming only of carpets and soft furnishings is including in the standard end of tenancy cleaning shedule, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is also availible at an extra fee,

What do you use to clean carpets?

We offer both, hot water extraction also carpet steam cleaning,

Do you clean blinds as part of the end of tenancy service?

Yes, the cleaners can dust the blinds as part of the service, however deep cleaning will cost £15 per blind.

Do you wash paintend walls?

No, we do not wash painted walls, we only dust them and remove cobwebs. However we can offer repaint the room will cost extra.

What time slots are availible?

Cleaners starts at either 08:30 or 12.30pm Monday to Saturday subject to availability.

How many cleaners will turn up on the day?

The end of tenancy clean teams consist of one to three people..

You are insured?

All our end of tenancy cleaners are fully insured and trained professionals. We have public liability insurance up to 5 milion.

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