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Carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning

Trust our certified carpet cleaning technicians to roll into your home or business with the latest state-of-the-art carpet care equipment.

Our Cleaning Services Include

Make your carpet feel as good as new, safely done with kids, pets, and the environment in mind
  • Same-day bookings & real-time availability
  • Certified and experienced cleaners familiar with delicate fabrics
  • Using eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents
  • Proven methods for removing common stains and odours
  • FREE carpet sanitisation eliminates 99% of germs

What do you get with our carpet cleaning in Warrington.

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning

The hot water extraction method works by injecting hot water mixed with eco-friendly solutions under high pressure into the carpet. Then the water and all the grime are sucked back by the specialised machine. 

Approximate drying time: between 3 and 6 hours.

Note: We don't offer steam carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning and hot-water extraction methods are quite different; by far, the second one remains the most effective wherever it can be applied. We cannot promise a 100% guarantee that a stain will be removed.

Carpet cleaning

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much will it take for the carpet to dry again?

A: Most synthetic fibre carpets need between 3 and 6 hours, while wool carpets need 4 to 8 hours.

Q: How long will the service take?

A: The time may vary depending on how many carpets need to be cleaned (square metres) and their condition. Usually, the technician needs about 30 minutes to clean a single carpet.

Q: Do you move furniture around prior to cleaning?

A: The cleaner will assist with moving light furniture such as a chair or a coffee table, but any heavy furniture should be moved before the service takes place.

Q: Can you guarantee the stains will be removed?

A: Common domestic stains (food, drinks, happy pet accidents) can be removed easily unless pretreated by the client. There is nothing we can do if a substance, such as acid / animal urine stain has damaged the carpet.

Q: How does the hot-water extraction carpet cleaning in Warrington work?

A: Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning is performed with some of the most powerful professional machines on the market. It is also the most effective carpet cleaning method. .

Q: I don’t know the type of carpet fabric. Is this a problem?

A: Leave the worries behind as the experienced carpet technicians will figure out the fabric and the right cleaning method.

Q: Are your methods sufficient to remove carpet odours properly?

A: Yes, you can be sure that the unpleasant smells will disappear with the service completion.

Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

A: Well, it depends on what kind of foot traffic they are exposed to. Stain protection for carpeting also makes a difference. Generally, we recommend professional cleaning at least twice a year for regular household carpeting. You may also benefit from our expert hard floor cleaning and restore the good look of all your flooring.

Q: What is your availability and coverage?

A: J&D Cleaners provides carpet cleaning services throughout Northwest. We provide services 7 days a week, and even on public holidays. Also, evening appointments can be arranged.

Q: What kind of detergents do the carpet cleaning experts use?

A: All detergents we work with are professional ones and are not sold in regular shops. We use a range of cleaning products, stain removers and stain protection detergents, which are carefully tested over the years to provide great results. Moreover, they kill 99% of the know bacteria and germs and guarantee a well-disinfected environment. Also, they are child, pet and environment-friendly.

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