Cleaning Questions

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, we clean from 1 day a week to 7 days a week. The number of days is completely up to you and your requirements.

We can clean at whatever time you require, we are fully flexible in terms of times and days. We fit our service around your needs.

Each of our clients are given their own dedicated Area Manager, who will be their first point of contact should they require any additional services or if they have any requests. They can also contact the head office directly and our customer helpdesk, both can be reached through the main phone number on our website.

Yes you will. We like to keep the same cleaner because they will become more efficient and effective at cleaning your premises after the initial off site and site training. We like our cleaners to build long term relationships within the team in which they work and then benefit from regular refresher onsite training

Yes we offer a wide range of services from cleaning, maintenance, waste removal, pest control, gardening, site support and many more which can be seen on our services page.

Quality Questions

Yes our staff are fully trained before they begin cleaning and they then go through regular training on new regulations and cleaning techniques in line with The British Institute of Cleaning Science of which we are a longstanding member.

Our cleaners are regularly supervised with managers actually on site to ensure that the premise is cleaned to the highest standards. We also seek feedback from our clients so that should they have any concerns about any part of our service we can resolve these right away. You simply cannot supervise a Cleaning Operative by telephone, the manager had to be on site frequently to understand the clients needs and ensure our operative is well trained, motivated and happy

We like to keep a comments book on site for any minor requests. There will also be regular pre-arranged meetings with the Area Manager who can be contacted by phone or email at any time.

Yes of course. We have a testimonial page on our website which has a number of reviews from our clients however should you require a direct reference from some clients we can arrange this for you too.

Price Questions

We don’t like to offer a standardised price as every building and company has different requirments. Our competitive prices are tailored to your needs so that you don’t pay for anything you dont need.

You will be issued with an agreement, however unlike our competitors we will not tie you into a long or fixed term contract, so you can cancel the agreement at any time. Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

All of our staff are on a wage rate above minimum wage and many of our sites are on the Warrington Living Wage. The rate of pay our cleaners receive is dependent on a number of factors such as, the difficulty of the site they clean, the distance from where they are based, the time of day in which they clean and other factors. If the client would like us to pay the cleaner the Warrington Living Wage, which many of our clients do, we will of course be happy to comply with this.

Each contract is priced differently. We will arrange a time and date which suits you where one of our directors will come and take a quick look around which shouldn’t take long, and from this they develop a price. This is then turned into a cleaning proposal which is sent to you by post and email. The cleaning proposal includes important information about us and will include a full breakdown of the price.

Yes we provide the cleaning equipment and cleaning materials, which can be left on site or if you wish it can be taken to the site on the days in which the cleaning takes place. In the proposal there will also be a full breakdown and pricelist for our consumable items.

Security Questions

We know that security is very important in business particularly in industries such as legal, accountancy, education and healthcare therefore our staff are always vetted before they are employed. Usually our staff are recruited through word of mouth from our trusted band of verteran staff who know and trust, although we still require a passport, proof of address, among many other documents.

Yes our cleaners are fully trained and can be trusted to unlock/lock and alarm any building they are cleaning. We also offer a key holding service and we have partnered with Elizabethan Security, which provides a fully comprehensive Key Holding and Alarm Response Service.

Yes we are fully insured for claims up to £10,000,000, this includes public and products liability, employers liability and loss of keys.

Yes we can. Should you require any extra security procedures onsite such as further identity checks, more detailed references, operatives to wear specific uniforms or photo I.D. cards we will happily accomodate this

Office hours are between 9AM-5:30PM, outside of this you will have the mobile number for a number you Area Manager and other member of the management team. You can contact a dedicated manager by phone or email.

General Questions

All of our products have been formulated to meet the highest standards in cleaning and health and safety. We regularly audit our suppliers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

If your dedicated cleaner is sick or on holiday, we will ensure that a replacement is sent over and is fully trained in cleaning your specific site.

Yes of course, you will be given both the cleaners number and the number for your dedicated Area Manager so that should any problems or emergencies arise, you can contact them immediately.

Our staff turnover is very low compared to our competitors and this is down to how we treat our staff. Our staff are paid above the minimum wage, while being regularly trained, supervised and motivated with our management team also taking a strong pastoral care and interest in our site staff, outside of the workplace. At regional we have a policy of ‘Treat all of your staff how you want them to treat your valued customers’.

We do not use an agency for cover of work or our recruitment. Every one of our Cleaning Operatives are hand-picked and interviewed by our management team. This ensures full control over the people we employ, this is important for us as this allows us to maintain the level of quality which sets us apart from our competitors around Warrington.

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