Cleaning services in Warrington


J&D Cleaning we are firm believers that: if we do a good job and provide a great service then why would you go anywhere else?

Nobody likes being tied into contracts these days as they always seem problematic to get out of (or can incur penalties). J&D Cleaning Services ourselves in doing our job properly each and every time, so that there should be no need for our customers not want our service any more, and therefore no need to tie them into a contract. We base our business on a customers loyalty to us, and are happy to say that we have a great working relationship with them all.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures all our customers get the service they are paying for.

If customer  want to a sign a contract we can provide official agreement and sign it. 

Yes is possible have same cleaner.

Yes, we do offer guarantee 24 hours after completed cleaning. 

We accept bank transfer. Alternative cash for one of cleaning.

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