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Company overview

Introducing J&D House Services

J&D House Services is based in Warrington and has been serving Warrington businesses for over 10 years; providing professional commercial cleaning services across Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds. We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for offices, schools, education facilities, child care centres, medical centres, gyms and sporting complexes.
The team at J&D House Services regularly caters to the services and needs of many businesses around Warrington, both large and small organization. We understand that hiring your own staff can be very expensive for sole operators and small- to medium-sized businesses by way of having to pay wages, medical insurance or even transport costs.
Our mission here at J&D House Services is to provide Warrington businesses with cost-effective cleaning solutions. Our staff are highly skilled, reliable, honest and police-checked, ensuring that you are dealing with a reputable cleaning company offering one of the best commercial cleaning services in Warrington.

Full House Cleaning in Warrington

Our Clients Range From

  • Hospital cleaning services
  • Shop and retail cleaning services
  • Education and health cleaning services
  • Body corporate and strata cleaning services
  • Hospitality and leisure cleaning services
  • Government buildings and public space cleaning services
  • Office and commercial cleaning

Why Choose J&D House Services

J&D House Services is dedicated to helping you create a clean environment in your business. We have many years of experience in the industry and our highly skilled team of cleaners provide professional cleaning services throughout Warrington and the surrounding areas so that you don’t have to do it yourself.
  1. Our skilled cleaning agents are here for you seven days a week whenever required
  2. We can tailor our cleaning services to suite your individual requirements
  3. If you have a cleaning emergency, we can arrange help within 2 – 24 hours

What the Team at J&D House Services Offers

We provide our clients with a comprehensive cleaning service. We pride ourselves on networking with industry suppliers to ensure we are up-to-date with tailored cleaning services to fit with our clients’ cleaning requirements with the latest trends and cleaning products. We offer sound, environmentally friendly products that fit your cleaning budget. We care about you and our environment!
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility
  • Quality Assurance & Checks
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Recycling Importance

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Our Working Process

  1. We maintain our high standard of cleaning through our quality control measures and conduct regular audits on our staff and cleaning sites, showing consistency and transparency.
  2. Providing cleaning packages and cleaning solutions for multiple businesses across Warrington.
  3. We pride ourselves on maintaining open communications and welcome feedback to ensure we are delivering on not only the very high standards we set but also meeting the expectations of our clients
  4. Meeting with industry leaders to make sure we are up-to-date in the latest technology and usage of environmentally safe products and procedures
  5. We welcome new clients and aim to maintain our long-tern business relationships by building on our reputation year after year and through word of mouth from our existing clientele
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