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After Builders Cleaning





Our After build service includes:

  • Removing all labels from windows, bath, toileth, kitchen and equipment
  • Removing paint and plaster from, floors and windows
  • Clean all floors
  • Clean all skirting, doors and windows sills
  • Clean all sockets and switches
  • Clean all cupboards inside and out
  • Clean and sanitiyse all baths, toilets and hand wash hand basis
  • Wash and shine all tiles
  • Wash all worktops
  • Making sure the entireproperty is dustfree and sparklyling clean


J&D Cleaning Services has special cleaning plans for rough, re¬≠clean and owner¬≠approval cleaning services whether it's a residential construction location, commercial construction site, public construction sites like

buildings and roads.


In an ideal world it is best that the builder is off site for 3 or 4 days before we carry out your clean. Dust is in the air and takes a few days to settle. If we clean too soon, the dust will settle in the days after we have finished

In any event we will not do any cleaning until the builder is finished.

We need to be sure that once a room has been cleaned the builder has no final snags to complete Inevitably that would dirty the room again.

J&D Home work directly with many builders To ensure that your home is returned to you in a fresh sparkling condition. We look forward to hearing from you so we can plan the clean in time for your return.

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Your home needs a full clean when the builders have left, yes there is dust everywhere. We will be delighted to clean your home top to bottom before you move back or take over the room that has been renovated.

The J&D House Services is a full spring clean in every room paying particular attention to

Dust in every corner, wardrobes, presses, drawers, behind radiators throughout the house and

All new tiles will need grouting dust removed to leave bright and shiny tiles

Clean around window and door sills as well as ledges

We take special care of new marble or wooden floors and will follow particular instructions from your supplier.




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