Our Detailed End Of Tenancy Cleaning

All interiors rooms

All skirting boards dusted & cleaned
All pictures rails dusted & cleaned
All door frames dusted & cleaned
All door cleaned and handles & locks polished
All light switches cleaned and polished
All electrical sockets cleaned & polished
All fitted/free-standing wardrobe/cupboard doors dusted and cleaned
All hanging rails dusted & polished
All wardrobe/cuboard hinges dusted & cleaned
Walls and Ceilings dusted and cobwebs removed
Light fittings dusted and cleaned
Flooring vacuumed/ swept & Mopped
Miroros & frames dusted & polished
Windows frames cleaned internally
Windows glass cleaned internally
Audio visual equipment dusted & polished
All free-standing furniture dusted & polished
Sofa cushions removed & vacuumed
All rugs moved, vacuumed & replaced
Mattresses vacuumed & turned where applicable

Bathrooms, Suites & WC

As per all interior rooms, plus;
All bathroomm fixtures cleaned & polished
Limescale & soap scum removed from all surfaces
All chrome/metal plated surfaces polished
Basin, bath & shower areas descaled and cleaned
Shower screens descaled & polished
Waste removed from toilet bowl where possible
Toilet cleaned & sanitised
U-bend & area behind toilet cleaned
Toilet cistern cleaned

Kitchens, Ovens & Extractor Hood & appliances


Interior professionaly de-greased
Door glass removed & cleaned (where design allows)
All cooker fitments removed & cleaned


External body degreased, cleaned and polished
Filters removed degreased and cleaned


Exterior body cleaned and polished
Flex & plug degreased and cleaned


All crumbs removed
External body cleaned and polished
Flex & plug degreased and cleaned


Glass tray removed & cleaned
Internal walls, top & base cleaned
Internal glass door cleaned
Exterior cleaned & polished
Flex & plug degreased and cleaned


Exterior cleaned and polished
Interior cleaned & polished
Filter cleaned

Washing machine

Insidedrum cleaned
Rubber seal cleaned inside & out, mould may not be removed
Glass door cleaned
Soap dispenser washed & cleaned
Exterior washed & cleaned

Fridge & Freezer

Shelves & food compartments removed & cleaned
Internal walls & base cleaned
Rubber seal to door cleaned
Exterior door & handle cleaned
Freezer/ freezer compartment must be emptied and full defrosted beforehand


Cupboard interiors, door & handles & polished
Wall tiles cleaned degreased and polished
Worktops cleaned & buffed where applicable
Stainless steel appliances left smear free
Limescale removed from sink & taps
All chrome/metal plated surfaces polished
Under sink area & U-bend cleaned
All kick boards cleaned
All areas between cupboard & appliances cleaned where possible
Bin emptied, interior & exterior cleaned
Kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware can be cleaned for and additional fee