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Why Choose Us

Doing Business Since 2009 in Cleaning Service.

J&D House Services is based in Warrington and has been serving Warrington businesses for over 11 years; providing professional commercial cleaning services across Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and other cities. We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for offices, schools, education facilities, medical centres, gyms and sporting complexes.

No Fixed Term Contract

We are very confident that we delivery quality cleaning services which is why we don't tie into a long-term contract.
Our clients stay with us because they want to not because they have to.

Direct and on-site supervision

We know from our years of experience that It is so important to have managers & supervisors on-site
regularly while the team are actually cleaning, to check the quality of the work.You simply can't supervise a site by phone, text and email.

All our staff are fully trained

We have strict recruitment and training throughout all levels of Regional. Our cleaners are picked and trained by a trusted member of our management team.

Each Quote is Tailored and Unique

We schedule a time and date that suits you to come and look at your building, this allows us to create a quote and price for your specific needs and this also allows us to consider any special requirements you may have for your cleaning service.
So you only pay for what you need from the cleaning service.