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1.How do I hire your services?

Give us call today and all will be set in motion.


2.How do i know if I can trust your cleaning services?

We are widely known in Warrington and beyond with registration and we’ve been able to solve the cleaning needs of clients for many years now with little drama along the way.

Our professionals are vetted, background checked, and supervised in line with national and international standards to ensure your satisfaction, peace of mind and safety.


3.What are the guarantees?

100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you’re not satisfied with any of our service, we will be glad to carry out a re-clean within 24-hours.


4.How often should I clean?

Our services are available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Or it can be customized to suit your needs. This way you never have to miss out on cleaning your home or office when it becomes due or dirty.


5.Is Deep Clean necessary?

Deep clean is highly recommended for those cleaning their properties for the first time or those doing so after a long time.


6.What is your contract policy?

There are no contractual obligations when you use our cleaning services.


7.Are your staff trained?

Not only are our expert cleaners trained, certified, and skilled; they are uniformed and supervised to meet high standards you’ll expect from one of the top cleaning companies in the UK.


8.Can I see any references?

Absolutely! We will be glad to provide you with more references. We also encourage you to have a look at testimonials from clients on our website.


9.How do you schedule your work?

We work hourly and we can clean your home during work hours and your office after work hours. Or a tailor-made approach is designed according to your lifestyle and schedules.


10.Who is going to provide the materials and equipment?

We are a full-service cleaning company that provides all the detergents, cleaning materials, and equipment required to clean your property. What we use are safe for both humans and the environment.


11.What makes you different from other cleaning services?

Our experience, responsibility to duty, and some little know secrets means we treat our clients like we would love to be treated. We therefore provide one-on-one consultations with our clients in a bid to understand their needs and then do what it takes to meet them.

By providing specialized expertise and equipment we are essentially your cleaning people that believe we should earn the trust of every client through honest, trustworthy, and reliable services.


12.Do I need to be home during a cleaning session?

The decision depends on you. It is common for clients to trust us with the keys to their properties, you may decide to remain at home or do likewise


13.What are your cleaning rates?

Our services are fairly priced and based on the nature of task at hand.


14.I have a pet, will it be a problem?

Absolutely not; however, we will like to be pre-informed. Plus, we also advice that you confine dogs or any other aggressive pet away from the area of your property that is being cleaned.


15.Can I reschedule?

Yes. Our services are customer-centric so we do what it takes to meet your scheduling needs. Kindly let us know at least 3-days before the scheduled cleaning date.


16.What is expected of me before a cleaning appointment?

We encourage you to put away toys, personal items and other valuables before we arrive. Nevertheless, with prior notice we can do all these for you.


17.What happens if something is damaged during cleaning?

Our experts are cautious and trained to handle even the most delicate items. However, if something gets damaged during our work, we will bear the responsibility and do everything possible to repair or replace the affected item. Being insured makes it a whole lot easier.


18.Do you handle special requests?

Quickly let us know what it’s about and we will be glad to accommodate your needs.


19.Will I always have the same house cleaner?

We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction and if that include providing you with the same cleaner(s), we’ll do our best to make it happen.


20.What will happen if my cleaning appointment coincides with a holiday?

We will kindly inform you to reschedule ahead of time.


21.Can I cancel my service?

This is possible if you inform us on time before the scheduled cleaning appointment.





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